Ocean Village

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Ocean Village

This gated condominium is composed of 2 and 3-bedroom units, from 190 to 200m², located in a part of TROIA designated exclusively for leisure and for enjoying time with friends and family. Affording a sea view and private access to the beach, the units allow you to be with your family and in harmony with nature.
Timehouse Troia
Types of housing

Time house

The Timehouse, typology V2, located in the Ocean Village, will always be contemporary.

It has a timeless dynamic and the vigour of perpetuity.
When you enter, you do not immediately enter the house. You are welcomed into an indoor garden. After passing through the entrance, you see the raised ceilings and then the stairs, made of solid, light wood, and the stone that covers the walls of the room where the fireplace takes prominence. The windows amplify the light, brightening everything. On the first floor, the rooms are separated from the base of the home, but they have clear views of the sea in front.
Troia Time house

Land House

From €594.000
The Landhouse, typology V2+1, with a choice between a private or shared pool, is a shelter from nature.

It is the colour of the earth and has the robustness of clay. As you enter, you feel that you are walking into the centre of your home, where there is an open living room full of light. The huge windows open onto a deck and a garden where you can be at one with nature. There, you will be far from the dynamics of the home, but always close enough to return to this family environment when you wish. The steps are uncharacteristic, as they cut into the interior space and lead to the most intimate part of the Landhouse. The two rooms open onto the gardens and light filters in through the windows.
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